Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Junior Club: The members

Introducing the stars of Darlington chess club.

Hairy and scary (on the chess board), Aidan.  Quickly improving, Aidan will soon be ready for full tournament chess and expect to see this young man's name in the prize listings very soon.

Handsome Harry is developing into a fine chess player.  He has an advantage with having chess in his genes (he is my son).  Thoughtful and calm at 6 he has started early enough to develop into a top notch talent.

AJ the grinder.  Already as solid as Petrosian, this boy has serious talent.  My advice play him soon you might stand a chance at beating a future star, but be prepared he is tough!!

Cute but deadly Dylan is a prodigy.  He is 4 years old and has never officially been taught how to play.  With Harry for his elder brother Dylan has grown up listening to chess lessons and could play a game at 3.  Hangs pieces more often than not, but also demonstrates a killer tactical eye.  The other boys have adopted him as their mascot and all help coach our youngest talent.

Jordan is new to chess, but is quickly feeling his way into the game.  A young man that is learning fast.

Elizabeth (picture to be added).  She is a mean, keen chess machine, but a little green.  Elizabeth needs to play lots more chess to sharpen her up.  Our chess club is the perfect place to do this!

Niall (picture to be added) is Aidan's elder brother.  Not technically a member of the junior club, being 12 he is young enough, but Niall is currently busy scalping adult players in local congresses, leagues and in the main club.  He may be quick to tell you of a whopping he handed out to the junior chess coach (me) recently.

Zack (Picture to be added) - Taught by his farther, this kid knows how to play.  With a few pointers he's going to be good.

James (Picture to be added) Is a good competitor, always good if you want to play chess.

Me pictured at home preparing one of my famous 5 minute tactic lessons for the group.

As you can see we already have a good group of kids, with a good range of playing ability.  If you live in the Darlington area and want to play chess drop in or email darlingtonchessclub@gmail.com.

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