Saturday, 4 June 2011

Junior Club - Durham competition

On Saturday the 21st of May the Durham County Junior Chess Championships were held.  Four members of the Darlington junior club played.  All 4 qualified for the under 9 section.  The under 9 and under 11 competitions were joined together as numbers were a little lower than expected.

AJ won all of his games, AJ was awarded the under 9 Trophy even though he could have claimed the under 11 as well.  Second in the under 9 section was Aidan!  The other two members Harry and Dylan both won a game or two and enjoyed the experience.

After the prize ceremony the Darlington squad posed for a photo.

Dylan, Harry, Aidan and AJ
All the winners of the various categories, unfortunately I don't know all the names.

The kids enjoyed the afternoon.  The standard wasn't too high in the under 11 section, so none of kids were out of their depth.  All in it was a very good introduction to tournament play.

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