Sunday, 8 September 2013

Agm 2013

The 13/14 season began September the 1st the the AGM.  Last years competition winners were presented with their trophies.
The winners were

Wallace Inman Shield, J Samms, Pic below
 Pike Pease Cup, J Williams, Pic below
  Frank Oliver Trophy, J Samms, Pic below
 E.D.Walker Shield, J Samms, Pic below
Intermediate Cup,  R Howell.
Bob Coulson Board, S Dauber.
                                    Lightning Trophy,  K Wilson

Next the teams for the new season were voted on.  There will be
3 teams in the Durham league.
4 teams in the Cleveland league

1 team on the Darlington league

The 4 teams in the Cleveland division are split over 3 divisions and will give all abilities a chance to play.

There will also be the following internal club competitions.
Walker Shield*
Pike Pease Cup*
F.Oliver Trophy*
Intermediate Trophy
A summer competition.*
Lightning (To be played Monday 9th September 2013).
On one night, to be decided a 15min knock out rapid play will be held at the club.
Darlington Vs Durham

*Games graded by ECF.

I look forward to seeing you at the club.  If you want to see any games published send a PGN, or the moves to

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