Saturday, 23 July 2011

Colin Walton V Darlington Chess club

On 18/07/11 Colin Walton grade 200 played a simultaneous match against any Darlington player brave enough to face him.  Colin graciously allowed his opponents to choose colour, most decided on White!  Games were played with clocks, but more as a marker to let Colin know if his opponent was to move or not.

Colin is relaxed before his games:-

In action Colin makes his way around the club.  Spending only a few seconds at each board before moving on, Colin used his lightening mind to calculate winning plans and as you can see the club's members were concentrating hard.

AJ was the youngest player there, but gave Colin a good workout.

James Garner seems pleased with himself, perhaps he has a winning move in mind.

Colin won all his games except one he lost against the mighty Niall Garner.

Below is a position from my game against Colin.  The game opened as a king's Indian Defence
White has just moved his knight to b5 hoping to win a pawn.
1..fxe4, 2.fxe4 f3!
The pawn can not be captured because the g-pawn is pinned.  White therefore has to defend the pawn on g2.
3.Bf1 Be5 here come the backup!
4.Rd2 White is trying to cling on by beefing up his second rank.

4...Bf4! Remember Colin was taking less than a minute for these moves.  I was expecting a powerful sacrifice on h2, but like all good players Colin is not in a rush.  He takes the time to harass the rook before he finds the decisive breakthrough.
5.Rd3 Bxh2!
White resigns as the position is hopeless. After 6.Kxh2 Qh4+, 7.Kg1 f2+ White has to give up his queen.

Darlington chess club would like to thank Colin for agreeing to play the simultaneous.  Darlington chess club tries to organise different summer events while the leagues are not running.

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