Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Junior Club - End of year party

Monday 18th July was the last Junior chess night of the 10/11 season.  The kids and coaches are looking forward to their summer break and the club will return 12/09/11.

The kids took a break from serious chess study and played chess variants instead.
They played cross chess a game with two boards played in teams where captured pieces are passed to your partner.  Good fun with wild positions like the one below

Even James and Sarah got involved.

I would like to thank both James and Sarah for their help and support throughout the season without them the junior club would have been very difficult to manage.

Time for a group photo.

During the year the kids played several games of serious chess. The clear winner was AJ.  Below he collects his shield which he keeps for a year and has his name inscribed on it forever.

All the kids received a small goody bag filled with sweets.  Not surprisingly this went down well.

Last but not least

Back to chess variants.  Things were a little louder after the sweets!

I hope to see all the kids back September.

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